How To Get Buyers To Compete For Your Home

Find out how to have buyers competing for your home 


Online Realty Offers is an online offer platform. Our offer process works better than any other method to buy and sell a home in ANY market condition. The Online Realty Offers method of marketing and selling a home offers buyers and sellers more options, control and transparency when buying or selling real estate.

No more multiple offers with sellers seeking “highest and best offers” and buyers not knowing what to offer or worst yet, over-paying for the home. Buyers see EXACTLY what is being offered and can decide what they are willing to pay for a home.

Online Realty Offers is simply a better way to buy and sell a home.

At the end of the offer process, the buyer will proceed with a standard Purchase Agreement, with all buyer’s contingencies and inspection time frames.

The whole process is transparent and convenient, which is why sellers and buyers love the process.

In addition, we work with many “property wholesalers” to market and liquidate their properties. They offer exceptional opportunities to buy and profit from buying a home.